Our S-Desk Two setup

Our S-Desk Two setup with a full size Apple keyboard, trackpad, 15″ MacBook Pro and iPhone 6s. I know, I know, another pic with a load of Apple product on it, but they are digital tools of our trade (this is all my own kit) and they still look very well upon our desks. Going to try and borrow other blingy Mac alternatives for some variation in setup shots and to show that our desks work with all manor of equipment. We’ve even got customers that use these for model and jewellery making – photos of that coming soon. If you can work on it sitting down, you can work on it standing up.

He was a master carpenter

This is my late father who passed away nearly 7 years ago. He was a master carpenter and still my absolute inspiration for the furniture we are designing today. We worked on all sorts of projects together (on the right we were fitting bell stocks in a church tower). I’m pretty sure he would love what we are doing with CNC now, although I could still do with the benefit of his experience, as his knowledge of woodwork was unsurpassed. Wish I could show you my Instagram account – miss you Dad.

22 and 90 degree angles

Our S-Desk One is purposely designed from 22 and 90 degree angles taken from the perfect positioning of your keyboard and screen. We worked a long time on finding the sweet spot for comfort whilst standing. Then from the angles came beauty! It makes hand finishing each desk a challenge but it’s totally worth it.