Different style of CNC pocket hole

I love CNC manufacturing but when using round mill bits, pocket holes are necessary for carving out interior shapes for component interfaces. Although not ugly, the pocket holes can ruin clean lines and always seem like a compromise. So I’ve been exploring ways of making them appear more attractive and integrating them into the design. I see lots of opportunity here for some very nice corners and joints in our furniture. Will need lots of physical testing to make sure there is no structural issues, but I have hopes that I can banish visible pocket holes from all our future work

The more I work standing up the more I find it has a positive mental effect

Good morning! Early starts before the rest of the world gets up are great for a productive boost to the day. Especially when the light is like this, with nothing but birdsong as your soundtrack. The more I work standing up the more I find it has a positive mental effect, making me feel more in control of what I am working on. Here I have the standing desk set up so I can easily sit down beside it to take a break and make notes etc. Enjoy the ☀️☀️ today

Winston Churchill Standing Desk

Winston Churchill worked at a standing desk

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.” When at his home, Winston Churchill wrote and worked at a standing desk that was given to him by British statesman Benjamin Disraeli, who like many of his Victorian generation preferred to be on their feet whilst writing.

Despite smoking 10 cigars a day Churchill lived until he was 90 years old.
Standing and working can strengthen your lower back, improve your posture and enhance your mental focus. It certainly worked for Winston!

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